Why Connecting Motorized Blinds To Your Smart Home Makes Sense

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We live in a time where technology has been integrated into almost all aspects of our lives. However most people are missing out by not connecting all of these technologies together for added convenience. Embracing technology in the home can enhance your lifestyle significantly.

Smart shades can change how you interact with your home’s natural light. Consider these reasons to invest in automatic motorized blinds for your smart home:

motorized shade on a hard to reach window in FloridaYou Have Large or High Windows

High windows can be a great aspect of your home. While these windows may be a beautiful feature of your house, dealing with the shades manually can be a difficult task. Many times the large manual shades are too heavy for one person to use easily. This could lead to not drawing your shades as often as you would like. Motorized window treatments eliminate this problem by doing the work for you so that you can enjoy your tall windows whenever you please.

Adjustments to Fit the Day

Here in Florida, much of what we do is based on time of day and the amount of sunshine and heat. Motorized blinds and shades are perfect for Florida homes for the energy efficiency they can offer. Wouldn’t it nice to get up in the morning and having the blinds raise automatically giving you one less things to do.

It’s also a great option for those who aren’t home all day. You can have the motorized blinds and shades programmed so that they come down at certain points in the day to block out the sun. Not only will this help control the temperature in your home, but it will also block out the harmful UV rays from hitting your furniture and artwork.

Motorized shades and blinds make changing the amount of lighting in your home of office effortless.

house in Florida with many windowsEnhanced Home Security

When motorized shades are part of a complete home automation system it means that you can control your shades or blinds remotely. This definitely helps to increase your home security as forgetting to close your blinds when you leave home can be easily solved with an app on your smartphone.

You can also program your motorized shades to move up and down throughout the day and this will help you create that impression that your home is always occupied even if you are more than a hundred miles away from home.

More Benefits From Motorized Window Treatments

By connecting your motorized blinds into a smart home system, you get all the benefits of being able to remote your blinds at will, but you will get the features of a smart home integration. Your shades will be linked to your phone, where you can set them all to move according to a schedule, to the weather, or in some cases to the temperature in your home. You can also control them manually, with a remote control, a mobile app, or even using voice commands.

Motorized blinds are available in countless designs, styles, and colors and with the removal of unnecessary cords, they can be just the focal point you’ve been looking for.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our in-home consultants. We will discuss your technology wants and needs to see how best we can add those elements to your home.

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house in Florida with many windows