Eight Reasons to Get Motorized Blinds

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house in Florida with many windowsEnhanced Home Security

Motorized systems with presets are excellent security features.  When you are away from home your system can be programmed to close the window treatments in the evening for added security.  Additionally, they can be opened and closed throughout the day so that the home appears occupied.

Energy Savings & Temperature Control

Program your motorized window blinds and shades to automatically adjust themselves according to the sunlight hitting your windows at certain times of day, saving on your energy bills. Especially in Florida, blocking the sunlight coming into the home at the hottest times of the day can help keep temperature down, which keeps your AC from turning on as frequently.

Higher Level of Convenience

Smart home blinds offers convenience making the blinds accessible with the press of a button. You can just relax and let the automation work for you. You can comfortably adjust window blinds and shades in hard-to-reach areas of your home. When your blinds are centrally connected, you can operate your motorized blinds and remote control shades anytime, anywhere. You can also set a program your window blinds and shades to automatically close at night once you turn on the lights in your room.

Florida sun on furniture

Furniture Protection

Wood and leather is affected by sunlight in similar ways that your skin is. If wooden furniture is bathed in sunlight for hours everyday,  it is possible for your furniture to sustain discoloration damage, this is especially true in high-heat temperatures found in Florida. Depending on the type of wood, your pieces may become lighter or darker in the exposed areas. Automated shades can block out harmful UV rays from getting into the room so that this kind of damage does not occur.

Multiple Presets

If you would like your window treatments opened halfway or three-quarters of the way, this is easily done with the click of a button. When you have many windows, getting them all to line up is a chore when done manually. With automatic blinds, making all the blinds lift to the exact same height takes only a moment.

motorized shade window Florida

High and Hard-to-Reach Windows

It can be difficult to manually adjust window treatments for tall windows that are hard or awkward to get reach. A motorized system makes opening and closing the blinds or shades easy. Skylight windows are a great place to utilize motorized shades.

Less Wear and Tear on Fabrics and Fittings

A remote controlled motorized system for your blinds and shades can extend the longevity of your window treatments.  Daily erratic tugging or pulling on the fabric can damage your window treatments and eventually even loosen their hardware. A motorized blind system is gentle on your fabrics as there is no direct force being applied onto the fabric itself.

Child Safety

Blinds and shades with cords can be a danger in homes with children and pets. Installing motorized window blinds and shades make your home safer for the little ones. In the past 10 years there have been over 200 accidents from window blind cords resulting in 112 deaths and 114 strangulation injuries. Window coverings with cords are referred to as one of the top five secret hazards in the home. Automatic window shades and blinds provide the utmost safety for your children and pets.



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