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Behind Elxai is a team of engineers, designers, and innovators looking
to transform how technology impacts everyday life.

Home Automation FAQ


What does Elxai custom mean vs other production companies?

Think of it like clothing, production companies are like T-shirts where one size fits most. Where Elxai is like a tailored suit that fits you perfectly. Elxai is more than plug and play. Elxai can integrate more than just lights and security. Want to have control over your door locks, garage door, thermostats, swimming pool,spa,wine cellar, driveway gate, and motorized devices? Elxai is the home automation company near you in Florida that can do that.

Can I talk to my house?

Using Amazon Echo’s and Control4 you can walk in and tell your house to turn on your favorite TV channel, raise the blinds, set the temperature, and turn down the lights with one voice command.

I have a lavishly large home, Can Elxai handle such a large project?

Whether it’s a single tv in your study, or a full theater experience in every room and bathroom inside and outside of the house we can create a solution tailored exactly to your needs.

I’m a seasonal resident in Florida, what happens if something stops working when I’m not here?

Elxai can help even if you are not near your home. Many of the devices we install offer remote support capabilities. Our technicians can see and resolve many problems remotely without having to be on the premises.

What about future compatibility?

While we customize everything to your needs, Elxai uses industry standard components that receive manufacturer updates to keep them relevant as long as possible. Eventually when it’s time to upgrade most of the components can be replaced as needed without having to replace the entire system at the same time. This helps keep future costs down significantly.